JailBreaking Phones for a Profit

In the old days of iOS, people used to jailbreak their phones all the time with no worries. Then there was some kind of weird law that made it illegal for phones to be jail broken. Any phone jail broken before the passage of the law would be fine, but new phones wouldn’t be allowed to do it. This law was reversed, and now everyone is jail breaking again. Trying to jailbreak iOS 8 has become the latest thing, and since I got a phone that runs iOS 8, I had my first opportunity to practice jail breaking.

At first, jail breaking sounded like a confusing thing to do, but in reality it wasn’t that hard. I just had to follow some simple instructions that I found on the Internet. It’s amazing how many different kinds of instructions for common things can be found on the Internet. Read the rest of this entry »

I Wanted to Downgrade IOS 8 Back to the Previous OS Version I Had on My Phone and Tablet

Bugs! I can’t stand them. And I’m not even talking about insects. Though I do find it particularly annoying when I am trying to work or eat and there is a fly buzzing around. No, the bugs I am referring to are the ones that I think are in iOS8 and driving me crazy with my purchased apps. I think the upgrade to the latest operating system is causing me trouble. Until they work out the bugs, I want to downgrade iOS 8 back to version 7. However, attempting to undo the version 8 upgrade seemed like a virtual impossibility.

I think upgrades stick even if you restore your phone back to how it was out of the box. So, that only leaves trying an exploit or hack to downgrade from iOS8 back to 7. I understand that operating systems evolve. I understand that updates are expected to be released in a timely manner, especially ones that are supposed to address known issues. However, if an update creates more issues for people to deal with, then maybe they are releasing stuff too early. I did not know what I was getting into with this beta version of iOS8. Read the rest of this entry »

A Family Legacy Wrought in Gold

Walk-through Metal Detector VO-600 - Sell Walk-through Metal Detector ...Growing up with a father who was obsessed with the idea of finding gold, it is only natural that I became familiar with the minelab metal detectors line of detectors. We have about 1,000 acres of land in the Ozarks thanks to my grandfather making some smart investments when my dad was a kid. Of course, Grandpa had the same kind of gold itch that my dad has. He was raised at the knee of a man whose obsession had lead him to actually buy this land and some gold panning equipment after hearing rumors that there were gold deposits hidden somewhere on his land. He spent years mapping out the terrain with my dad and looking for gold but never did he find any. Years later with my grandpa’s research and his notes, my dad picked up where he had let off and began to take me out on his excursions with him. I never thought that we would find gold despite the fact that I didn’t believe that we would ever find any.